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Poker champion Bill Fillmaff recently held a contest on the Fillmaff Forums, giving away a free trip to Camp Fillmaff to whoever wrote the best Fillmaff Haiku. Here were the rules, direct from Bill's own fingers:

yeah thats right for the ultimit week of poker u got 2 visit camp fillmaff its $4000 2 get in and that doesnt cover food or lodgeing in our rustick cabens but it does cover poker w\ ur hereo bill fillmaff and also instruction from other pro poker players with names bill fillmaff dont want 2 tell u their names but he assure u they have names!!

ne wayz well nature trail go for a swim in "LAKE KIDDIE POND" and maybe even play a lawn dart or 2? I dunno. also i will teech u how bears are poker players just like turtles and birds and nerds

After sorting through thousands of submissions, forum user "FillmaffIsGod" was declared the winner! Here's his winning entry:
Bill Fillmaff is GOD
He simply can not be beat
- FillmaffIsGod
Congratulations! Here are a few of the not-winning submissions:

I want to make moves
Get me out of kiddie pools
Fillmaff will save me
- Gydyon

Fillmaff is the best
I want to be just like Bill
Playing with the sharks
- Jill Krillstaff

Fillmaff is the champ
I want to play the elite
To say beat by best
- MagrudaBot 8800

I am not the best
Not like the great Bill Fillmaff-
Greatest in the World
- Maggot Man

undisputed bill
building bankrolls to the top
so lets see a flop
- RedPh

He is worth million$
Fillmaff will delete your roll
And damn he's sexy
- JP2k1

Ace of hearts, oh yes
One more ace, and three ladies
- Sargasm

Fillmaff is my daddy
He owns me at the poker table
This is not a jopke!
- chessazhole

ugly bill fillmaff
always losing to the twig
bill sucks at poker
- twigownsfillmaff

Ace Ace? Plus EV.
Secret System? Plus EV.
Fillmaff? Small pee pee.
- Rockgrant

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