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Do you want to learn how to play poker like a Worldwide Champion? Let Bill Fillmaff show you how it's done!

Bill Fillmaff's Secret System is a series of video tutorials which will teach you how to improve your game. For more information on Bill Fillmaff and his legendary professional poker playing career, read this interview.

If you'd like to contact Bill Fillmaff directly, you can email him at If you're lucky, he may share some expert advice with you!


That's right, the SECRET is out! On DVD!

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Online Videos

Bill Fillmaff's SA HORSE Final Table

Bill Fillmaff is more than just a Hold 'em specialist! He is the undisputed master of all poker games, and to prove it, click upon the below link to gaze upon Bill Fillmaff as he perfectly plays Hold 'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo!

  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the GSOP HORSE Final Table - Part 1
  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the GSOP HORSE Final Table - Part 2

  • Bill Fillmaff's SA Razz Final Table

    Bill "The Thrill" Fillmaff makes another GSOP (Goon Series of Poker) final table... in Razz! Enjoy his razzle-dazzle, his perfect play, and intellectualude!

  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the SA Razz Final Table - Part 1
  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the SA Razz Final Table - Part 2

  • Bill Fillmaff's $4.40 180-player SNG Final Table

    Bill Fillmaff makes the final table of a $4.40 180-player "sit & go" NLHE poker tournament and schools the competition... Secret System style!

  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the $4.40 Final Table - Part 1
  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the $4.40 Final Table - Part 2

  • Bill Fillmaff's SA Final Table

    Bill Fillmaff made the final table of's GSOP (Goon Series of Poker) $2+rebuys event and filmed it for educational purposes. Please enjoy Bill Fillmaff's perfect poker play along with insightful and educational vocal commentary!

  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the GSOP Final Table - Part 1
  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the GSOP Final Table - Part 2
  • Watch Bill Fillmaff at the GSOP Final Table - Part 3

  • The Secret System Series

    Chapter 1: Basic Table Image

    Bill explains the basics of table image, appearance, and why you should wear sunglasses at the poker table.

  • Watch Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2: Basic Tournament Strategy

    Worldwide Champion Bill Fillmaff breaks down his perfect strategy for winning poker tournaments, managing your bankroll, and setting traps.

  • Watch Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3: Swimming With Sharks

    The incredible Bill Fillmaff inspires and enlightens in this motivational guide to navigating the choppy waters of professional gambling. It's sink or swim!

  • Watch Chapter 3

  • Read the Rules to the Game Featured in This Chapter
  • Chapter 4: Expected Value (+EV)

    The brilliant Bill Fillmaff expounds upon an often misunderstood advanced poker concept: expected value (+EV). You CAN'T win without +EV, but you CAN get cancer and die!

  • Watch Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5: The Big Game

    Watch in disbelief and utter amazement as "Beautiful" Bill Fillmaff takes on the biggest, most high-stakes cash poker game in the world: the legendary Big Game.

  • Watch Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6: Extreme Poker

    Strap yourself in for some no-holds-barred poker action as Worldwide Champion Bill Fillmaff takes poker... to the EXTREME!

  • Watch Chapter 6

  • Download the MP3 of Bill Fillmaff's Hit Internet Single, "I'm Bill Fillmaff!"
  • Chapter 7: Female Women

    World-class gentleman Bill Fillmaff attempts to explain the differences between male and female poker players. Alas, fate quickly deals our hero a disastrous hand!

  • Watch Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8: The Final Showdown (Part 1)

    Framed for a brutal poker crime he didn't commit, the insanely brave Bill Fillmaff boldly embarks on a noble quest to clear his good name while winning millions of dollars.

  • Watch Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9: The Final Showdown (Part 2)

    Worldwide Poker Champion Bill Fillmaff battles World Poker Tour Champion Paul Phillips. At stake is every single penny of Bill's ravaged bankroll... and his soul.

  • Watch Chapter 9

  • Download the MP3 of Bill Fillmaff's Latest Hit Internet Single, "Caught a Bad Beat!"
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    More Videos

    Bill Fillmaff vs. Mikey The Chimp

    Man versus beast results in a poker playing feast when the most amazing man who has ever existed (Bill Fillmaff) faces a savage ape at a game of his own choosing!

  • Watch Bill Fillmaff vs. Mikey The Chimp
  • SA Music Video

    Bill Fillmaff is far from "something awful," but those jerks did a Flash movie tribute to him anyway! That's because Bill Fillmaff deserves your respect!

  • Watch Something Awful's Bill Fillmaff Music Video
  • Bill Fillmaff's Television Commercial

    Bill Fillmaff promotes his latest Fillmaff Brand product in this amazing commercial you may have already seen on television!

  • Watch Bill's TV Commercial - MPEG (11 MB, right click save-as to download)
  • Haiku

    Find out which lucky Fillmaff Forum user won a free trip to Camp Fillmaff in the Fillmaff Fan Haiku Contest!


    Want to get inside the head of the most beloved, most charming, and most marketable poker professional around? Read our exclusive interview with Bill Fillmaff, the undisputed Worldwide Champion!

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